In vogue for long is a Tradition...

Come to Royal DK Beauty for aa variety of body, facial and skin treatments to enchance your beauty.

You will like to look like
goddes every day!

To fit all customers needs only the best and carefuly checked cosmetics are used. We have all the certificates and licenses needed to make you even more beautiful.

Our Value Packs

Eyeliners Combo:

4h 30min

Upper Eyeliner
Lower Eyeliner
Better Price
Normal Price £300

Ultrasound Facial Combo:

4 x 60min

Normal Price £240

Cavitation Exfoliation

4 x 60min

Ultrasounds Exfoliation
Algae Masque

The healing touch of nature you are worth it... right?

There must be quite a few things that a Royal DK Beauty don’t cure, but I don’t know many of them! Treat yourself to the best of the treatments at Royal DK Beauty…

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